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Discover How Many Ways We Could "Partner Up" and Create Immense, Recurring, and Compounding ROI for Every Marketing Dollar You Invest...

How Fast Would You Boost Bottom Line Profits With an "On Call" Copy Chief and CRO Specialist On Your Team?

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Here’s the thing though...
While I might like you as a professional, I’m just not for everyone.

So double-check these lists first, because I know your time is valuable - because mine is too:

> If you’re not serious about following through on your commitments to your business... or if you expect overnight riches... then we’re not a good fit.


> If you don’t understand the value of great direct response copy and written salesmanship… then you’re not ready to work with me yet.

> If you’re unwilling to follow through on commitments you’ve already made to your team, your customers, or your bottom line... then this might not work out.


> If you’re NOT looking to add an "extra zero" to your bottom line within 12 months... with the drive to grow and scale higher up… then somebody else might be better for you. (sorry)


> If you refuse to invest in both your short term and long term scalability, then just know now that I ain’t the cheapest on the block. (As the old saying goes: great copywriters ain’t cheap… and cheap copywriters ain’t great.)

But if you…

> Understand how having an copywriting "A-Player" on YOUR side will support your business goals, the big picture thinking, and your conversion strategies each step of the way…


​​​> Understand how having a seasoned 8-figure producing expert on your team can also help you boost your productivity - and even help you oversee your team more effectively…


> Are interested in streamlining your TOUGHEST copy challenges, while getting your messaging aligned for persuasive, sales-driven impact…​


​​> Want to claim the additional opportunity to strategize - and collaborate - at a higher level, and even optimize your existing campaigns for greater revenue…​​​


> If you want to be more "hands off" while multiplying your sales through the power of influence…


> Want the opportunity to team up with a seasoned expert who’s helped over a DOZEN companies hit 8-figures or beyond…

Then You're Still On This Page for A Good Reason

And Since You're Still On This Page...

This Means We're Still Nodding In Agreement...



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“Can I justify this investment right now? Right now, we are not bringing in enough revenue to fund higher-level support.”

At the end of the day, you're looking for ROI on EVERY investment you  make, right?


That’s what we all want, isn’t it?

That’s probably why you’re still reading this right now…


Because you’re smart and marketing-savvy enough to understand how profitable - and wise - it can be to have the right-fit industry-leading copywriter on board with you, right next to you and/or your team.


That’s also why you already understand why it’s not really about how much you're investing up front…

Rather, it's how much ROI you are getting back, isn’t it?

And how quickly you gain it back.


You want to see great numbers... 


Multiple 6-figures+ or more in returns - over time - and I want to get you there. 


On the other hand…


Let’s say, for example, you chose to walk away and keep doing things the same way you've been doing them.


Maybe you invest in lower-level support at $3,000 or $5,000 (or less) instead, due to budget.


Maybe you decided to train somebody else up or you hired a more “beginner-level” copywriter or marketer…


…or you just bought courses to try to train yourself or your team - or something similar - in an attempt to accomplish your goals but at a slower and more risky pace…


Yet, the truth is THESE profit-killing decisions are the ones that lead to huge financial risks - the type of decisions that can backfire and spiral down into wasted efforts and lost time you may never get back. 


(We both know how that goes)



Beginner copywriters write ‘beginner’ copy. And mediocre marketers create mediocre results.


They don’t understand CRO, big ideas, and how to optimize your bottom-line numbers – and how to repeatedly capitalize on your success longer-term with the help of the written word…


(Sounds harsh, yet it's true)



Investing in paid online courses results in getting a static and templated solution, not a customized one. 


You might understand one concept or “technique” from a course - and your team would understand something entirely different.

And understanding more convoluted course material and applying is time consuming in and of itself. 


Multiply the cost you paid for training courses, with the amount of time and all the effort you spent…


…and you are talking about $10,000's lost if you choose to go down those routes again.

When you weigh out the pro's and con's -- your investment vs potential ROI -- your best choice becomes more obvious, doesn't it?


“I’m too busy! There’s too much going on with our product launches… our team isn’t on the ball / we’re pinched on bandwidth / we need to move quicker”

Kudos on your ambition and your commitment!

Right now, you’re probably “in the weeds” with minimal time to come up for air and take a step back.


That really means that almost everyone’s got their hands in the copywriting and funnel creation process in one way or another.

But that’s becoming inefficient and unproductive at this point, isn’t it? 

By now, we both know what you’re doing at this moment is counterproductive towards your biggest end goals.

That’s the reason you’re not seeing enough financial gain and the ROI you were hoping for… yet.


But the good news is that, right now, you might be at a pivotal turning point. 


You’re sitting on a lot of potential scalability as you read this, yet you’re also dealing with higher-quality problems.


This is where your current “strategy” needs to transform into a well oiled and “higher-performing system” you can streamline within your company from the inside out.

That's a big reason why you came to me isn't it...

Think about it:

If your focus is best spent on creating products, or leading the strategy, or creating content, or leading a team and driving revenue…


Which it should be…


Then, obsessing over all this copy, strategy, output, and your funnel management will only slow you down!


That’s why it’s important to find the right-fit (yet rare) A-Player to delegate the entire copy and creation processes to, isn’t it?

It’s about finding someone who’s already has the track record and proven skills in your niche for quite some time… 

…with case studies to back everything up, right?


You can also think about things this way:

What if I was asked to spend 80% of my time and energy doing what YOU do, and to take my focus OFF of copy and spend most of my time managing a team or networking…


At that point…


Chances are, your launches and funnels would end up underperforming and nothing will ever get done!


At the same time…

It's the same with you and your team.

There's no exception to that 80/20 rule.

If you or another team member continued to spend excessive amounts of time (80% or more) on copy, strategy and sales-hooks - then chances are a lot of other things wouldn't get done either! 

Think about it:


How counterproductive would your entire operation become in 2, 3, 5 years from now if you continued to excessively focus 80% of your effort on copy and creative processes?

You realize that - at this point - your current strategy is becoming very counterproductive, don't you?

Obviously, you came to me for a reason.

“I’m nervous about the investment. Will I get ROI?”

Skepticism and hesitation is normal...

In fact, I'd say 'hesitation' is a necessary evil.

Here's why:

It’s way too easy to feel overwhelmed when spammy DMs, cold emails, and “fly-by-night” copywriters approach you with zero credibility to back up anything they say... 

Especially because, in the end, this is all about getting you to your specific, desired end goal of ROI - isn’t it? 


Whether your end goal is leads, more engagement, conversions, revenue, more bandwidth and time, etc -- you just want to feel like you’re in good hands from A to Z, start to finish. 

And you’re smart.


You have enough experience as it is. 

And since you’ve already been able to make the connection between your needs, and the wealth of experience under my belt... it means we’ve got a lot of potential here that you're already seeing. 

That said, here’s some hard facts to help paint a clearer picture of how this works for you, at the end of the day: 

1. Fact: At the end of the day, you are investing in receiving recurring results / ROI for yourself -- and/or your company. Long term. 

2. Fact: Many of my previous clients are still enjoying residual and recurring revenue to date, from successful campaigns I crafted for them many, many years ago!


3. Fact: If you aim to generate $750,000 in new sales from a big launch this year, for example, yet a new campaign helps produce that for you in as fast as 90 days… then you're ahead of the game. And you still have the potential to "evergreen" that campaign again, and run it 3 more times in a single year.

4. Fact: The example above of $750,000 in 90 days ain’t bad… if you "evergreen" it and keep running it consistently every quarter of the year, for the next 12 months, the potential earnings there are already $3 MILLION from that ONE single campaign! Because once it’s proven to convert for you, you can keep running and re-running the campaign for as long as it makes you some positive return. 

5. After understanding all of the above… and if you’re still on the fence… is it possible that you are just questioning whether or not you’re ready to get your business to this next level? Are you unsure if you’re “good enough” to make it happen? Why is that?

Because, when you look at the figures, we’re not talking about a $3MM or even a $750,000 cash investment here or something… 

Instead, the goal here is allowing me to do a bit of ‘heavy lifting’ on my end, upfront, helping you delegate this out, and to help you accomplish these types of end goals, long term. 

Plus, we’re taking some stress and headache away from you and/or your team, allowing me to craft the copy for you, while providing any additional collaboration or strategy along the way… 

Because we both know your time, results, and *sanity* are worth much more than the small investment we’re talking about here. 

(consistently gunning for results is just one reason why I’ve been able to establish and maintain a solid, professional reputation!) 


“What if I spend all this time / money and it doesn’t turn out the way I want?” 

As you know, nothing is 100% guaranteed in life, or even in business… 


However, I wouldn’t be following up with you if I wasn’t confident that we can get you some solid ROI here.


(And, maybe some recurring and long term ROI as well.) 


This is a common fear you’re dealing with right now. So let me ask you something…


Are you really committed to your success, or just committed to "safety" and a "comfort zone?"

If you’re really committed to what you’re aiming for, then experiencing some temporary discomfort shouldn’t be a problem. 

In fact, temporary discomfort could be liberating.

(As you know, no investment here will lost in the end either way.)

“Do I have to decide now? I’m looking at other options / talking to other people who might be a better option for me.” 

Sounds fair. 


Because by now, you know how critical it is to leverage results-driven copywriting and conversion strategy, so it’d make sense for you to explore what’s out there... 


That said…


The only left to do now is to honor your commitments to your business, and yourself. 

To make it simpler, just ask yourself these questions before looking around any further: 


1. Do any of your other options seem genuinely - and almost obsessively - focused on generating you some actual results at the end of the day? 


2. Has anyone else provided you with an actual track record to support their claims on their work -- with direct numbers to show for it in conversions, leads, sales, or revenue? 


3. Does their track record mention anything about ROI and results, beyond some “fancy credentials?” 


4. Did they provide relevant sample work which you could judge and "screen out" with a critical eye? 


5. Who else is willing to provide additional collaboration… or revisions… or coaching throughout the fulfillment of this type of project?

6. Finally… how hefty are their fees… or, how slow is turn around time… and, can you even trust this person to answer any of your emails or questions within a reasonable time frame?


“I just wanted to check you out. 
I don’t see the importance of committing yet” 

If you don’t consider yourself committed… then what inspired you to consider the strategies and ideas we discussed in the first place? 


Because you connected with me for a reason, didn’t you... 


And if you’re always getting ready to start something, and don’t follow through... guess what happens, you never really start. 



“Timing! I have issues to deal with first / I have no time to commit to myself / Maybe it’s just bad timing?” 
I fully support you in whatever you're feeling right now...
And my belief is that the best time to keep going forward is when things APPEAR to be most challenging…. 
(Counterintuitive, I know!) 
Think about it. 
If we can build out your vision together, and streamline your copy and creative processes towards your most daunting goals…
Where I help you make this happen, right by your side… 
All when things seem to be the most challenging… 
Then there’s literally nothing else that could stop you in the future. 
It only makes sense to make the investment now, when you're feeling intimidated, because you’ll be way more confident that you’ll always be successful in the future.
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