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Aside from what people think…


I didn’t grow up with influences around business.


Or entrepreneurship.


And I’m far from a natural-born marketer.


I grew up as a middle-lower-class military brat, and in a higher crime-rate neighborhood. 


Anything related to copywriting or entrepreneurship was a foreign language to me.


The people we looked up to had a gun and badge.


Or they had a high rank in the military. 


Or they were known for performance arts like music, dancing, and sports. 


Sadly, some of the people we also looked up to were those who ended up in prison.

Clearly, I didn’t fit the mold.


So I eventually turned my back on our social norms.


I became a highly rebellious slacker.


And chose to party like a rockstar starting at the age of 15.


And I was damn good at it, too.


I loved the attention. 


I craved the spotlight.

At the same time…

Gangs, violence, and rebellious partying became my way of life too early on.

Sadly, I realized that “partying
like a rockstar” wasn’t a great career path.


I thought I was invincible.


I put myself in situations where I almost lost my life at a young age.


But that’s another story for another time.


The funny part is…

 Hitting Rock Bottom At a Young Age Was The Catalyst I Needed to Eventually Evolve into "The Copywriter Behind Today’s Leaders."

Aside from rockstar partying...


I always displayed intellectual and creative talent since I was a shy little boy. 

And found out I had a knack for people and understanding how people think.

But I never applied myself. 

This potential was dormant inside of me.

Yet I didn't have the right coaches or mentors to guide me.

I was trapped in the wrong environments.

And I never in a million years would've thought I had the ability to transform "words" into "cash."

See, we can understand the concepts of copywriting and advertising all day long. 


We can grasp ideas intellectually.

We can dabble in anything..


Study obsessively...


And practice nonstop


But we have to be skilled and committed enough to apply what we learn...


...and with a great attitude... order to hit breakthroughs.


But with the smallest tastes of success – like writing copy that commands attention, rakes in conversions, or puts our name on the map – comes our biggest motivation…


Like I mentioned though...


My biggest downfalls as a “rebellious rockstar partier” became my biggest blessings in disguise.

My biggest inspiration and motivation SUDDENLY came after I finally rock bottom in every area of life:


  1. Physically.

  2. Emotionally.

  3. Financially.


I had no choice but to clean up my act.


To get healthy, and become a contributing member of society…


I had to seek help and end my rockstar party career a little early.

I decided to do whatever I needed to do to make it happen.

My Biggest Marketing Wisdom Emerged When I Decided to Take Control of My Life, and Put Myself Back on The Right track As a Contributing Member of Society

So I ran away from the "rockstar party" lifestyle and never looked back.

And it wasn't easy.

Yet becoming a high-functioning and highly-valued member of society was tougher than I thought.

In fact...

When the attention and spotlight withered away...

I realized I didn't believe in myself.

I had put up a false bravado for most of my life.

And my self-esteem was non-existent.

To make things worse...

Almost everybody I knew already gave up on me, too.

That's I realized I shouldn't rely on anybody...

So I put all of my focus and effort into self evolution...

And for YEARS, I spent every waking second of every waking hour doing whatever I NEEDED to do clean up my act and leave the past behind.

So I threw myself to the wolves...

  • I obsessively studied a stack of books and CDs from Brian Tracy when I was still in College.

  • I remember reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield many years ago.

  • I studied books like, Influence, How To Win Friends and Influence People, How to Talk to Anyone, The Art of Seduction and more.

  • I did nearly every single workout program that BeachBody released in my living room - including P90x and Insanity.

  • I studied underground secrets of paleo dieting and physical performance hacks from The Primal Blueprint while ripping through old, downloadable ebooks on my Barnes and Noble portable reader.

  • I taught myself hypnosis and NLP by studying greats like Joe Vitale, Richard Bandler, and Tony Robbins.

  • I studied ALL of the laws of attraction experts from the movie The Secret.

  • I remember geeking out over giants in the health, dieting, and fitness space... which continues today.

  • And the list goes on.


Over time…


I dove deeper into the world of alternative health and fitness...

And became OBSESSED.



I took this explosive momentum and transformed my once-scrawny body into a lean athletic performance machine...
Then, I channeled this discipline towards rise to the top of the copywriter's food chain quickly



It turns out...


My physical transformation was the secret catalyst to my success...

And as my physical health improved...


My mental health improved...

My confidence improved...


My obsession with self evolution led to an obsession with written persuasion - with writing emotionally gripping, attention-seizing copy...


...which led to highly-successful career that resulted in multiple-millions in client sales to date… 

As I finally transferred my focus towards learning copywriting, freelancing, sales, and direct response marketing.

I dropped  $10,000's on world-class copy coaches, direct response marketing mentors, and globally recognized mastermind leaders so they could take me under their wing so I could get as good as I possibly could, as quickly as I possibly could.


 I let globally-recognized mentors and renowned copy coaches rip my copy apart over and over and spit on it until I got GOOD.

(And I paid most of them to do it, too.)


My copy seized the attention of some of the most prestigious marketers and industry leaders around today.


And I wasn’t going to stop until I reached the top.

Some of Those Transformational Heroes, Health Experts, and “God-Like” Leaders I Started To Obsessively Study as a Teen Eventually Became Clients...
Some of them became mentors.
It seemed like a
bizarre coincidence.

Personal  growth, health, and fitness quickly became my passion as I started to pull myself OUT of the poverty mindset...


OUT of the lifestyle that results in jail time, being broke, or an early death.

And that’s why I excel at writing rockstar copy for all of this stuff today. 

In fact, I can write blazing hot copy for all of these niches all day long...

And I'll never grow tired of it.

Like I said...

Health, wellness, personal development, human persuasion...

Coaching and consulting...

Studying this stuff obsessively is what gave me the transformational discipline I needed to excel in multiple areas of life – especially copy and marketing.


Because I work in niches I passionately believe in.

Because I love teaching others how to write insanely well... and get good insanely fast.

Because it's easy to transfer this passion into written salesmanship when you're passionate about the industries you're in.

That's part of the reason I got really good at copywriting really fast, and why I’m paid well for it too.

That's Also Why I'm Able Help My Copywriting Students Excel At Their Craft, Starting Within A Couple Months

But let’s stop there.

If you're like most people, you care less about my journey and you’d like to understand how my journey can actually help you.


Long story short, my journey matters because I’ve been living and breathing this kind of stuff for decades…

Let's Continue This Conversation
Over A Virtual Cup of Coffee...

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