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The Cold Truth Behind The Demoralizing "Copywriter Plateau"
(And Why Copywriters Hit Income Ceilings Even Though
They Study Hard, Write Well, or Work Their Asses Off)

From: Jon Reyes,
The Copywriter Behind Industry Leaders

Owner / Founder of,

Multi-million-dollar Sales Producer, Copywriters’ Coach & Mentor

Are You Getting Stuck Inside The “Copywriter Rat Race?”


When most copywriters come to me… it’s obvious that they’re still “stuck.” 


Stuck in frustrations with clients.


Their limitations in their writing. Insecurities in their skillsets.

And they don't make make nearly as much as they should...


Yet again, they've hit a plateau.



It’s not 100% clear WHY that’s happening to them… yet.

(So I’ll explain all of that in vivid detail to you in a sec)

Raise an eyebrow when you see a critical mistake you resonate with…


  • Some copywriters aren’t paid well enough yet… even though they slave over hours and hours courses, writing, trainings, and books


  • Maybe they’re comfortable with the paid work they’re getting, … but they KNOW they deserve to make a lot more money for everything they do


  • They’ve gained experience… but secretly lack confidence because they know their writing could convert much better (and it should be, if they want to get paid A LOT)


  • They paid gurus a ton of money… or been to events… read stacks of material… only to see little to no improvements (even they been working extra hard and studying around the clock)


No Matter How Much You Can Relate To All Of this,
Just Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over It…


Because I Used To Be The Same Way (If Not Worse)


For about 18 months, I got stuck in these same cycles of self defeat. 


I knew I was good at what I did. 


And clients gave me great feedback.

The thing was…


I was just stuffing money a ton of money into THEIR pockets…


Making THEM filthy rich…


With minimal compensation to show for it on my end.




I was stuck in a hamster wheel of writing copy like crazy, and became overzealous to “prove myself.”


Secretly, I felt like an impostor.


Oddly enough, I was really happy with the paychecks I was getting.


At least, I was happy with my pay at the time... because I didn't know better as a naive rookie... clueless to the big world of business.


Here's the thing about that though:

I was generating A LOT of money for my clients to the tune of multiple 7-figures for a few of them, all at once…


And they loved me for it.


Then it became clear as day that I was UNDER-PAID. Big time.


Just like you, I wasn’t valued enough.

I didn't value myself enough.


And I still was NOT monetizing the crap out of my own skills, I was not getting paid well, especially with the impressive track record I had early on as a hot 'up-and-coming copywriter...'



Even Though I Finally Understood Where I Went Wrong...


WHY Couldn't These Problems Get Solved?


Almost 1.5 years into the game in 2015…


I ASSUMED I was finally getting paid fairly well at what I did.

My copy was consistently converting…


Yet my A-List mentors told me over and over again… that I was still grossly underpaid.


And it was true…


The thing was, most of my negotiations fell short most of the time.


So I accepted fees that were below my pay grade all over again…


Soon, I felt anxious about my skills.

"Maybe I’m just not good enough of a copywriter? Is that why I’m not rich yet?”


And to mask my insecurities…


I sought out more info products.

I tried cookie-cutter negotiation tactics that fell short.

I practiced over and over… until I couldn’t even think straight any more. Until my brain was clouded with anxiety.


I tried courses and memberships that promised to attract endless clients to me. 


I listened to more and more copy guru’s online, because I still undervalued myself deep inside…

And I couldn’t find my way out of this “copywriter rat race.”

And Then, Something Hit Me…

I Realized Was Too Nervous To Ask For Blunt,
Direct, & Honest Feedback.



Once I finally went and asked my clients for direct feedback…

My Clients Provided The Hard Feedback That I Needed, How Much I Really Produced In Terms of Conversions & Revenue...

And it was right then and there that I FINALLY
knew exactly what I was worth. I knew I had arrived.








If you haven’t heard of me before…


It’s because of that old saying:


“Those That Can’t Do, Teach”


I’ve been way too immersed with excelling at these skillsets since 2013… with zero time to coach and train others until recently.


And since you’re still here, reading through this page…


And since you understand that your copy skills could be a lot sharper and more impressive…


I can guess with almost 100% accuracy that a cookie-cutter-solution will NOT help you.


You will NOT excel or grow from a one-size-fits-all path.


Because what works best for you, might not work that well for others.


And vice versa.

Because your journey toward becoming a highly-paid, rockstar copywriter…

Your journey to becoming someone who can consistently write FIRE that converts like crazy…


Will always have UNIQUE struggles, strengths, goals, sticking points, and experience to draw from that’s 100% unique to you.


Well, Maybe Not ALL Your Copy Struggles Are Unique...


Like I said, I’ve been in your shoes.


So were dozens of the other copywriters I coached and trained.


  • Maybe you started by getting decent work. And you’re grasping the fundamentals of great copy.

  • Which is great. It’s progress.

  • Maybe, you’re getting paid fairly nowadays.

  • Or, maybe your income is still lacking.

  • Either way, you know you’ve already hit a “ceiling.”


  • Next thing you know, your income is growing stale. 


  • And maybe your work is drying up.


  • Then, you start to feel stuck… and you’re not sure why. 


  • Maybe you’re just “not good enough” as a copywriter yet? Is there something people aren’t telling you about that?

  • Maybe your copy isn’t converting as well as it could??

  • Maybe your clients or ‘employers’ STILL won’t pay you well enough… and you’re not sure why!?

  • Maybe you’re just “working too hard” now, and you’re STILL selling yourself short… and you’re wondering WHERE is the way UP?

  • Maybe you’re afraid to ask for what you’re truly worth…  on that note though, do you really understand what you’re worth?




At this point, I get it.


I hear where you're at.


And I get why you’re not sure how to make the leap from where you’re at now, to where you SHOULD be in terms of income, skillset, opportunity, and lifestyle…

That’s where I come in.


Ready To Connect?

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Burn this message deep inside your brain…



Your path towards becoming a well-paid, well-trained, and highly respected copywriter in your niche is NEVER a one-size-fits-all thing.

And you’ll never get there without private and ‘intimate’ training that’s designed to push you.


You’ll need highly-focused 1 on 1 attention, customized to YOU…


Designed to help you grow fast at writing blazing-hot copy...


Designed to help you attract and land the type of work you once thought was way out of your league...


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