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Discover All The Ways We Could Potentially Work Together...

Your Private 'Fractional CMO/Copy Chief'

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This is for the influencers, the executives, and the health and fitness marketers who KNOW the power of persuasive advertising, copywriting, and high-level marketing...


...the type that is fueled through the power of the written word.


Or if you're part of a marketing team - or want to train your team - to master brand messaging, create explosive sales through copy, and command instant respect and attention in every facet of your advertising...

And if you are ready to launch, scale, and sustain your business to levels of rapid explosive growth, then discover if it's a good fit to have Jon work closely with you every step of the way.

Authority Sales Page Swipe File

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Everyone is pressed for time, resources, and money.


So get straight to the juicy stuff:

Take the same "formulas" the most prestigious, respected, or most recognized entrepreneurs used to take them to the top -- or the formulas their copywriters used FOR them.

Take the shortcut for writing high-powered copy - and even watch multiple 5, 6, and 7-figure campaigns written before your eyes - with the Authority Sales Page Swipe File... for free.


Freelance Copywriter's Blueprint

Copywriter Mentorship Programs

If you are a copywriter, freelancer, or content writer who aspires to capitalize on the immense opportunities - and paychecks - that lie inside of a thriving freelance copy career...


And if you want to shave 7.5 years off your learning curve, slash your writing time down by 50%, and discover well-kept "veteran" secrets to get your bearings right for succeeding quickly -- AND in the long haul...

Or if you've YEARNED to land more of your IDEAL DREAM CLIENTS -- while getting them to LOVE you in the process...


Then the freelance copywriter's blueprint is the 1 on 1 "accelerated apprenticeship program" that could be your invitation to the aspiring "A-List" copywriter... the one who wants to dominate their niche, and get accordingly for doing it. 

The Authority Copywriting Handbook

1st Edition Promo Bundle

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Jon's first book -The Authority Copywriting Handbook: How Great Copy Transforms Average Businesses Into Industry-Leading Authorities - is currently available for purchase on for both the paperback and Kindle Versions.

Other Digital Training Courses


Are you looking to draw in more business, high-ticket leads, and close larger contracts?


Have you tried all the traditional, slow, and expensive channels and methods for lead generation?

Still want to get good at writing captivating copy generates a following, AND creates conversions and sales... almost on autopilot?

If you are eager to develop and grow your business without spending A DIME - without the frustration of cold calling and desperately scrambling for more and more leads...

Or if you're in the insanely profitable industry full of coaches, consultants, course creators, and thought leaders - or are a copywriter in those niches... 


If you're ready to accept customized guidance on crafting razor-sharp copy, and honing your "marketing mind"... 

Then I have many digital training courses that could give you exactly what you're needing.

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