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How Else Could You Grow Your Business Alongside 
The Multiple-8-Figure Producing Expert?
Imagine How Many Different Ways We Could "Partner Up," and Potentially Scale You Beyond 5, 6, Even 7-Figures Per Month

…Even If You Can't Find Good Help and Feel Overwhelmed, Are Sick of Writing, or Just Want To Get More Things Done Faster
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I'm extremely RELIEVED that you're here!

Because you’re a mover and shaker in business…

And you don’t have patience for ‘snobby’ copywriters who’ll overcharge, and underdeliver…

And even if you’re a good writer, you know your focus should be on what you’re more AMAZING at…

Because spreading yourself too thin means nothing important really gets done anymore.

Wait! WHY should we even bring this up?

Because, no matter how great of a professional you already are...

...over the years, I've see way too many bad-asses experience:

  • Conversion rates and marketing falling short of their potential

  • Increased overhead and/or having to work 80+hours / week

  • Stress overload for the top players in the business, or the leading entrepreneur

  • And in the end we all know that many businesses could STILL fail! (sad, yet true)

What’s worse is when you THINK you’ve found the right help from some ‘fly-by-night’ copywriter or agency…

...then they either miss deadlines, don’t communicate well, or worse: 

They completely misunderstand your branding, and miss the mark on their promises.

If that sounds like you, then…

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You'll Be Happy As Hell You Came Here

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...if these things below sound great to you,

then we might be a match made in marketing heaven:

You Can Appreciate The VALUE Of A Veteran Marketer and Copywriter... With A Strict ROI Focus

You Might Pass On A “One Night Stand,” Because A Great Copywriter Is Worth Keeping Around

You Want Someone Who Could Give You Profitable Feedback, Marketing Insights, Or Just Measurable Results

You Want A Strategic Advisor Who Efficiently Grasps Your Market, Your Message, or Your Brand Voice

You’d Like A Strategic Advisor Who’s Helped Lead Teams, Founders, & Executives Alike To Experience Explosive Growth

You Might’ve Had “Bad Marketing Experiences” Before, Yet You Know The Right-Fit Is Still Out There For You

Now Before We Go Any Further...

...Think Of Which Phrases Sound Familiar To You:

  • “Is this the right wording and messaging? -- I hate all this copywriting…”

  • “What about these deadlines... I need a BREAK"

  • “I need to delegate, but how and to WHO?”

  • “I’m swamped, how much TIME and ENERGY could I possibly dedicate to everything I want to accomplish”

  • “I just CAN NOT trust those other copywriters”

  • “I don’t know all I need to do to get this done efficiently enough!”

  • "I tried this, but I just can't do everything on my own! At least, not anymore."

...and on and on it goes.

Now imagine having a high-end, multi-million producing copywriter on your side to give you the feedback you need to align your messaging with your branding…


...and who focuses on YOUR best interests- - so you can accelerate your production while focusing on what YOU do best.

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Here Are Four Ways We Could Work Together...


*Aka, "Your Strategic Advisor"

*Aka, "Your On-Call Copy Chief"

*Aka, "Done-With-You"
*Invite Only*
*I Serve As Your Copy Chief, Continually Optimize Your Copy, & Help You Install And Refine Long-Term Conversion Systems
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Now read on to see the refined marketing methodologies I've used to help authentic businesses scale to multiple 6, 7, and 8-figure marks...

...and how we might potentially do the same for you too.

- Lead Gen Diagnostics -



Using Facebook Ads?

LinkedIn ads?




Prospecting sequences or cold outreach campaigns?

A combination of all of the above?

When most clients come to me...

They're still not clear on how to write ads and lead gen copy that immediately seizes an audience's attention.

And it's hurting your click thru and conversion rates, whether or not you realize it.

  • Maybe you've scaled your business up to a certain point where you know you can acquire better leads faster, and for less money...  and grow your existing customer base exponentially. 

  • Maybe you want to scale your offers and attract better leads faster with paid ads and create a high-powered presence in your marketplace - as you get more people to buy from you more often.

  • BUT maybe your plate is TOO FULL at the moment and you’re not getting things done as quickly, efficiently, and as cost effectively as you KNOW you should!

Chances are...

You are NOT following all of the right persuasion principles you'll need to take your paid advertising efforts to the next level...

Your first impressions fall "limp" in some way.

Your copy is still not stealing their attention fast enough.

Yet you’re doing well so far, seeing results.

But somewhere, somehow, for some reason…

You’re losing leads and you're getting lost in the sea of noise.

Your lead gen copy is falling short of its potential.

You’re not totally sure why yet.

If you want to grow your massive following, and draw more ideal customers and leads to your business... 

Then it all starts by making a magnetically compelling first impression that seizes your audience's attention immediately, so they get to recognize you as a high-powered authority right off the bat .

When you have "magnetic" lead gen campaigns that compel your target audience to read every word you have to say within the first 7 seconds… 

You can grow a bigger following of ideal leads who are excited and ready to click through and check out what you’ve got…


Even if they’ve never heard of you before, or weren’t looking to buy anything from you - YET. 

Copy and Conversion Acceleration





Are you SURE you’re writing copy in your specific brand voice?

Are you selling and marketing aggressively… but with integrity?

Are you sure you’re NOT coming across as passive, pushy, or sleazy?


Are you writing copy that engages people but falls short in terms of conversions?


Chances are, you’re guilty of AT LEAST one of those above things.


If this sounds like you, then understanding how to craft sales pages, landing pages, and VSLs that position you as a high-powered authority could be the beginning of something beautiful:

  • You have good offers people want, and are making multiple 5, 6, or 7 figures per month.

  • Your offer(s) are scalable... but you're not exactly sure how to take your messaging, copy, and hooks to the next level.

  • You believe in what you do and you have a growing customer base who feel the same way.

  • However… maybe your conversions and sales aren't where you'd like them to be and you’re hitting a wall. You’re not sure why… yet.

  • Or you want to scale newer offers or even charge more for the existing ones you have… but you can’t figure it all out for some reason!

If this resonates with you…


Then your product or service has more potential than you realize. 

You have some copy and messaging that works already, but it's nowhere near as good as you think it is. 

Your sales pages fall short of their potential.

The problem is, your positioning isn't strong enough. 

And it doesn't matter who wrote your copy or how much it converted in the past.

Because it’s not working at the level you want it to… anymore.

That's why your toughest competitors are a step ahead of you.

You're getting to the point where you have more competition who has no problem taking your customers and clients and sales AWAY from you.

In fact, they'll be happy to do it.

And they’re doing it right now.

(no need to sugar coat that)

The truth is, simple tweaks can be made to sales pages and video scripts that can exponentially multiply your sales.

(But "simple" does NOT mean "easy.")

Or you’ll need new landing pages and video scripts from scratch.


We’re just not sure yet.


But you WILL need the landing page that is written in a specific way that steals the attention of your target market, and instantly positions you as a high-powered expert and a top choice for them... matter how much competition you have, or how high you want your fees to be.


When landing pages are done the right way - short form, long form, lead gen, VSLs, and anything in between - you can create an exponentially powerful impact that increases your conversions in every aspect of your marketing. 

The solution?

For starters, your copy needs to position you as a high-powered authority, give authentic value, match your brand voice perfectly, AND drive more conversions…

All at once.


- Systematic Scalability -






Are you sure you have the right email strategies down?

Are you emailing your list too often?

Too little?

Are you blasting them with pitches, content, or both?

Do you nurture them and provide killer value and content?

Have you tracked your open rates, CTRs, and unsubscribe rates obsessively?

Sometimes, you’ll have subscribers who like you.

Others might get bored of you and stop opening.

Others… might not like your pitch, content, or frequency of emails and drop off the map.

Some will buy from you once or twice… then, lose interest.

It happens way too often.

To make more money and grow your businesses, you'll need to leverage the results-driven, irresistible email strategies that CLOSE more leads, customers, conversions, and sales while doing LESS work.

You’ll need a variety of irresistible email and nurture sequences that are designed and created to get your audience to whip out their wallets as they get to know, like and trust you more and more…

And even fall in love with you.




Most entrepreneurs and marketers who are stalling at 5-figures/month, 6-figures/month, or low 7-figures/month can supercharge every single aspect of their copywriting, conversion, and marketing efforts by maximizing everything they've already got. 

And it doesn’t have to be that hard.

You don't need to do too much.

It could take LESS effort.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

But it will NEVER happen for you until you've got every single aspect of your follow-up, nurture, and special offer email strategies nailed down with precision.

You’ll never break plateaus until you fully understand how to “steam roll” past your competition with multiple facets of email marketing.


(And it’s much easier once you arm yourself with the ninja skills of a powerhouse persuader.)


But If you don't know how to push your audience's hot buttons so you can transform a first-time client into a lifelong follower of your business and brand... 


Then you'll never break your plateau. 


You’ll eventually get overwhelmed.

(Sorry, but it’s true. And we both know that)


The people who are ahead of you are the ones who know how to get their target market to know them, like them, trust them, and even fall in love with them via email.


The end result? 


Repeat customers and clients who brag about you, buy from you over and over, and can even turn into a lifelong follower of your brand. 

(I should know. I've helped countless companies do this over and over.)

After Producing Over 50 Million+ In Client Sales
In Such A Short Time Span....

My Wealth Of Direct Marketing and Copywriting Experience 
Could Be Worth Its’ Weight in Gold For You

Here’s the thing though...

While I might like you as a professional, I’m just not for everyone.

So double-check these lists first, because I know your time is valuable - because mine is too:


  • If you’re not serious about following through on your commitments to your business... or if you expect overnight riches... then we’re not a good fit.


  • If you don’t understand the value of great direct response copy and written salesmanship… then you’re not ready to work with me yet.


  • If you’re unwilling to follow through on commitments you’ve already made to your team, your customers, and your bottom line... then this might not work out.


  • If you’re NOT doing a minimum of multiple 5-figures/month with the drive to grow and scale higher up… then somebody else might be better for you. (sorry)


  • If you refuse to invest in both your short term and long term scalability, then just know now that I ain’t the cheapest on the block. (As the old saying goes: great copywriters ain’t cheap… and cheap copywriters ain’t great.)

But if you…

>>> Understand how having an copywriting "A-Player" on YOUR side will support your business goals, the big picture thinking, and your conversion strategies each step of the way…  ​

>>> Understand how having a seasoned 8-figure producing expert on your team can also help you boost your productivity - and even help you oversee your team more effectively…


>>> Are interested in streamlining your TOUGHEST copy challenges, while getting your messaging aligned for persuasive, sales-driven impact…


>>> Want to claim the additional opportunity to strategize - and collaborate - at a higher level, and even optimize your existing campaigns for greater revenue…


>>> If you want to be more "hands off" while multiplying your sales through the power of influence…

>>> Want the opportunity to team up with a seasoned expert who’s helped over a DOZEN companies hit 8-figures or beyond…

Then reach out.
We need to talk.
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