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Scroll down to watch free, Live workshops and podcasts around authority marketing, A-List copywriting, advanced copywriting and persuasion techniques, and more.  


Workshop: High Ticket Prospecting Secrets for Landing Wealthy and Affluent Clients
(Mastermind Workshop: PRIVATE)


This Virtual Mastermind Workshop took place in Little Italy, San Diego on May 26th 2022.

The full presentation was only given to attendees of the Mastermind event.

If you'd like to get free access to this workshop, along with the full, in-depth training -- including Live demonstrations, videos, and swipe files -- simply request access now by sending an email to and I'll reply within 48 hours.


Persuasive Copywriting Secrets for Creating Instant Influence and Authority
(Workshop Recording)


This Live, Interactive Workshop took place in Downtown Works, San Diego on January 11th 2022.

The raw footage is temporarily available above. 

The full, in-depth trainings -- including free supplementary workbooks, guides, and bonus offers --- are available to Live Workshop Attendees Only. 


How to "Read Your Audience's Mind" by Writing Persuasive Copy that Connects, Convinces, and Converts

(Workshop Replay)

In an overcrowded and highly competitive market, your brand must have a persuasive and unique brand voice.

During this Live Virtual Workshop, I shared persuasive copywriting and advertising secrets to help you influence and persuade your market more effectively.

Click on the video above to watch the replay of this online event now.


Building Bulletproof Brands for The Biggest Names in Personal Development  

Screenshot 2021-11-19 093304.png

Amazing interview with Jacob Suckow on his popular podcast, "The Great Escape."

Have a listen HERE or click the image above now >

"Jon's been torn apart and broken down while he studied under some of the greatest marketing masters in the past few decades.

And, he's obviously come out the other side as one of the most experienced and high performing copywriters in the influencer and self-development industry.

With over 8 figures sold from his work with giants like Brian Tracy, Dean Graziosi and more, Jon had a TON to share about his journey and what it's like to build a bulletproof brand that your customers will love."

Send in a voice message:


Effective Marketing Strategies & Writing Killer  Copy

(with Daryl Urbanski)

Proud to be featured on this amazing interview with Daryl Urbanski on The Best Business podcast --


Listen now:

We had a LOT of fun with this one.

Daryl's a seasoned pro at "picking the brains" of experts and running a successful podcast by pulling out maximum value, while creating a conversational, impactful, and even a fun dynamic during his interviews.

In this one...

We had fun 'riffing' about:

-- How "gangs" and social anxiety eventually led to a successful career...

-- Why freelancers can turn a plain ole 'interest' into a niche they can DOMINATE...

-- The cross over between marketing mastery and the martial arts instructor who kicks people in the head to send a "Marketing message" -- ha!

-- How to EXCEL as an entrepreneur, business owner, or marketer in the influencer marketing, coaching, consulting, and visionary niches...

-- And more.


If you haven't yet, you need to subscribe to The Best Business Podcast With Daryl Urbanski.

(You'll find him on both Android and Apple)

He's got TONS of episodes containing bad ass marketing-wisdom and other gold around living a well-rounded lifestyle as well.


Angie Colee and Jon Reyes on 'Permission To Kick Ass'

Screenshot 2021-09-29 102652.jpg

Join the highly respected copywriter and mentor, Angie Colee, and yours truly on Permission to Kick Ass:

What do you do when fear stops you in your tracks?

Most of us either figure it out or run – and there’s nothing wrong with that since it’s just your brain kicking into “fight or flight”.

But what if, instead of running away from something scary, you embraced it?

What if you took a VERY intimidating situation in business or entrepreneurship... and turned into something... fun, AND rewarding?

See, if you're a start-up, budding entrepreneur, or a growing freelancer... then Angie Colee and her Permission To Kick Ass Podcast can help you take creative hustle to the next level.

Here's Some Can’t-Miss Moments From Her Most Recent Episode with Yours Truly:

- The common trait most entrepreneurs share (and it’s got nothing to do with access to money or a big-ass network)… do you have it?

- Why so many would-be entrepreneurs fail when they first start out in biz (this one ensured my first foray into business was a failure… and dealing with it made my second attempt a success)

- Employee or entrepreneur... or some sort of weird in-between limbo? Why do you have to choose? Jon’s eye-opening perspective redefines what happens when you "fail" as an entrepreneur

- "Is this like a power play?" what happened when a potential business partner asked Jon a simple question – and how it changed his entire approach to business

- Are you learning how to play softball by watching YouTube videos, or are you getting out there to play the game? Jon’s personal experiment that helped him make a massive leap forward

- And more.

Listen and subscribe:


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